The Institute of Intercultural Psychology and Education was founded in September 2005 as an independent institute of the Faculty of Education and Psychology at ELTE University. The Institute is engaged in both education and interdisciplinary research. Its goal is to study multi-and intercultural issues from the perspective of anthropology, psychology, education and the sociology of education, and to promote the integration of research findings into the training and education of students.

Our first indipentend general education programs were launched in 2006, called ’ The Intercultural Studies, Education and Socialization Program’ (ZAN-IN) and ’ The Holocaust and Social Conflicts Studies program’ (ZAN – HO).

In 2009 we launched our MA programs, specialization in teacher education programme ’ Teachers in Multicultural Education’ and an MA programm ’Intercultural Psychology and Education’.

Teachers in Multicultural Education

The aim of the program is to train teachers to become experts in the field of multicultural education, and to help schools adapt to the changing social environment by employing teachers who have gained new perspectives and new knowledge in the course of their training.

Intercultural Psychology and Education


The aim of the program is to train experts who are able to understand the characteristics of intercultural relationships and communication and co-ordinate the work of people of different cultures effectively in various fields both at national and international level.