Basic and applied research topics:

  • Prejudices in intercultural perspectives
  • Family culture and socialization at school
  • Family stories from sociological and psychological perspectives
  • Multicultural and reform pedagogy
  • Identity and acculturation
  • Ethnocultural identity constructions of adolescents
  • Minority language education, minority language use (Beash Roma group)
  • Acculturation of migrant families, socialization at school and the future plans of migrant children
  • Classroom communication from an intercultural perspective
  • Intercultural attitudes of teachers
  • Pedagogy of the gifted, classroom study
  • Knowledge management and innovation in education
  • Holocaust education and collective memory
  • Social psychology of gender roles; gender beliefs, ideologies, sexism and feminism
  • Gender stereotypes and career aspirations. Women in politics, family and at work. Work roles of men and women.
  • Men’s studies and counseling